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Wayne Maguire has achieved outstanding results in real estate, culminating in owning and operating the Ray White office in Mission Bay. Wayne has been extremely driven from day one and this has helped him to perform at an exceptionally high level. In his first year in the industry, he was ranked the number one new salesperson for a nationwide brand. The next year, he led an office of 18 salespeople, which within 24 months was ranked number one in their group. Later that year he was appointed Group Sales Manager, responsible for 12 offices and some 150 salespeople. In 2007, he was recognised by the Sales & Marketing Institute of New Zealand as ‘Sales Manager of the Year’. Building on this success Wayne was appointed president of the Sales & Marketing Institute of New Zealand in 2010. Wayne has completed three university diplomas and an MBA. With a background in the military, high levels of self-discipline and superb organisational skills, Wayne achieves more productive hours in the day than most people allowing him to focus on providing exceptional customer service to vendors, purchasers and his team of salespeople.

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Ray White Mission Bay is located to the east of the Auckland City Centre, on the southern shore of the Waitemata Harbour. It is easy to see why Mission Bay is so popular – with the sparkling water of the Waitemata Harbour and views of iconic Rangitoto Island on the horizon. Ray White Mission Bay is a full service real estate company made up of a diverse group of 20 salespeople and administrators. As a part of the Ray White Central Eastern Network we work collectively to achieve great results for our clients using customized in-house systems, unrivaled processes and truly committed people.

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Wayne Maguire is an experienced auctioneer, calling an average of 500 auctions a year and closing around $10 million of sales each week. Extremely well respected within the real estate industry, Wayne has a wonderful depth of knowledge to bring to his role of auctioneer. This experience has enabled Wayne to achieve auction success rates that are well beyond the industry average. Over the years Wayne has carefully refined the process, ensuring the hard work of the salesperson and the interest of the selling client are maximised on auction day.

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  • “The core of our training is improving your mindset on sales and achieving your goals. Just as with elite salespeople and special military personal. It’s your mental game that gives you the winning edge.”

    Wayne Maguire
  • “Auctioneering is more than standing at the front of a room counting numbers.”

    Wayne Maguire
  • “Skilled negotiations and in-depth knowledge of the Real Estate Market makes Auckland Auctioneer Wayne Maguire the right man to sell your home.”

  • “Wayne is extremely well informed, passionate, positive and provides great negotiation”

  • “Wayne was a brilliant communicator, honest, transparent, and professional. We had complete trust in his ability. I would recommend him to anyone.”

  • “Wayne is gentle, friendly, reliable and provides excellent results.”


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